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Roof replacement Waco, TX


Do you know when your roof needs to be replaced? Many customers struggle with this question. Your roof is designed to last for at least two decades but knowing when to replace it, can be tricky. While many roofing issues can be handled through quick repairs, there will come a time when it is more cost-effective to replace your roof with a new one. Additionally, more modern roofing materials tend to offer more benefits and protections. If your roof is approaching the end of its life term, call Homefront Roofing & Construction, LLC to find out if now is the right time to install a new one.

Signs You Should Consider Replacing Your Roof

Roof replacements represent a significant investment in your home. You want to be sure you are replacing your roof at the right time and that you are getting the best value for your money. One of our customers' most significant concerns is whether or not they are wasting money by replacing their roof too soon. At Homefront Roofing & Construction LLC, we know how important this decision is, and it is our goal to take the guesswork out of roofing.

You should consider replacing your roof if:

  • Your existing roof is 20+ years old

  • You are experiencing chronic roof leaks or other repair issues

  • A significant portion of the shingles or tiles on your roof is damaged, bald, or peeling up

  • The flashing around your chimney, skylights, and other roof fixtures is loose or damaged

  • There are signs of rot on your roof, including sagging roofing, pooling water, or moss and fungus growing on your roof

  • A storm or falling tree branch significantly damaged your roof, making a replacement more cost-effective

  • You are considering selling your home and want to increase its market value

If you are considering replacing your roof, we can help. Our professional roof replacement team can inspect your roof, answer your questions, and guide you through the process. We also offer free quotes on roof replacement projects.

Lets make your dreams, a reality!

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